In a time when culture has also suffered the hard blows of a forced closure and of an activities slowdown, a new entity is emerging that has no equal in the international music scene, the INTERNATIONAL CHORAL CONDUCTORS FEDERATION (ICCF), an institution that establishes the strong desire to unite the highest international figures in the field of choral conducting in a common vision and with the shared intention of creating a real “professional category” (which currently does not exist) and work for the educational, training and professional growth of young directors. A culturally high goal that could only be born in Italy, a country that thus rises to a primary international role within which Rome becomes the world capital of choir conductors. The core of the ICCF (International Choral Conductors Federation) sees as founding members some of the Masters most recognized for their artistic merits, and of the highest international level from Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, England, Norway, Argentina, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Sri Lanka and many more will come. In addition to that, about 1000 conductorshave already signed up as ordinary members.
The names of the founding members are as follows:
Klaus Levermann (Germany),
Wolfang Ziegler (Austria),
Thomas Caplin (Norway),
Sofia Agren (Sweden),
Kurt Bikkembergs (Belgium)
Ricardo Barrera (Argentina),
Josè Sciutto (Argentina),
Ambroz Copi (Slovenia),
Toh Ban Sheng (Singapore),
Susanna Saw (Malaysia),
Tatiana Zhdanova (Russia),
Naomi Faran (Israel),
Tracy Wong (Malaysia and Canada),
Emy Bebbington (England),
Rohan De Lanerolle (Sri Lanka),
Fabrizio Barchi (Italy),
Luciano Fiore (Italy),
Davide Gualtieri (Italy),
David Crescenzi (Italy),
Michele Josia (Italy),
Michael Murphy (U.S.A.),
Gary Graden (Sweden),
Dion Ritten (Netherlands),
Yiyin Joy Tai (Taiwan),
Chau Anh, Dang (Vietnam),
Kinga Litowska (Poland),
T.J. Harper (U.S.A. / South Korea),
Masashi Kishimoto (Japan / Malaysia),
Bernie Sherlock (Ireland),
Kelvin Lo (Hong Kong – China),
Michael Barrett (South Africa),
Jane Lau (Hong Kong – China),
Kristine Sheroyan (Armenia),
Brady Allred (U.S.A.,
Milan Kolena (Slovakia),
Yu-Chung Johnny Ku (Taiwan),
Māra Marnauza (Latvia),
Aida Swenson (Indonesia),
Mat Wright (U.K.),
Anthony Villanueva (Philippines),
Oksana Sukhetska (Ukraine),
Ken Wakia (Kenya),
Masahiro Kishimoto (Japan),
Dr. Katalin Kiss (Hungary),

At the federative level there is no similar body in the world, and so the ICCF represents a point of reference for all those who enter the field of choir conducting, giving qualitative support and bridging the gap between training and entry into the career path, necessary for undertake the chosen career field.