4 Questions by Bernie Sherlock to Klaus Levermann / President ICCF and Michael Barrett / Board Member ICCF

Bernie Sherlock                     The ICCF is a new worldwide network for choral conductors.

What was the impetus behind the creation of this organisation?


Klaus Levermann                   Choral conductors from around the world are looking for connections to their international colleagues and their diverse choral traditions. Conductors can find inspiration in the work of other conductors while also sharing their own knowledge and experience within the worldwide conducting community.


Michael Barrett                     Yes, having an organisation dedicated to the conductor as an individual is the driving force behind the establishment of this organisation. A place where conductors of all abilities and skill levels can meet to learn, share and build relationships.

Bernie Sherlock                     How is it organized?


Michael Barrett                     A wonderful list of established conductors serve as the founding members. There are various committees assisting in building aspects of the organisation and founding members offering their valuable time to present workshops and topics to members of the organisation.


Klaus Levermann                   There is a board with members from every continent. This ensures our awareness of the differing conditions, requirements and needs of conductors worldwide.  As well, national and continental ambassadors have been appointed to help create ongoing exchange among members.


Bernie Sherlock                     Doesn’t this exist already?


Klaus Levermann                   Yes and no. There are many wonderful choral organisations around the world that offer a wide range of services – for example the IFCM, Europa Cantat to name just two. And I emphasise that our federation is in no way in competition with what is already there. All of us who are active in this field have one wish and the same goal: to strengthen community singing – worldwide!


Michael Barrett                     Next to these wonderful choral organisations that do a great amount of work, ICCF should be seen as one partner helping to bulid our profession on a global scale. What makes ICCF different is that the sole purpose of the organisation is to focus on the development, leadership and networking of the conductor. 

Bernie Sherlock                     What are the next steps?


Michael Barrett                     Do you want to watch a live rehearsal presented by some of the top conductors in the world? Or sit and listen to the compositional process of a celebrated composer? What about a personal masterclass for you and your choir tailored to your needs – all from the comfort of your own rehearsal space? Or how about having an informal chat with a group of conductors from all over the world to share your experiences, challanges, and success stories? These are some of the amazing projects planned by ICCF.


Klaus Levermann                   As you can see, we are producing excellent learning opportunities and resources for our members. The first events have already been held and more educational programmes in 2022 will be announced soon. An exciting journey to which we cordially invite all interested parties!