Ricardo Barrera

” In the last forty years his work has been focused on children’s and youth school choirs and orchestras. At the same time, his other passion was opera in which he served as choir, orchestra and concert conductor for more than thirty years.  “



icardo Barrera was born in 1955. Graduated from the Faculty of Musical Arts and Sciences of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, where he studied Composition, Choral Conducting and Orchestral Conducting. He took numerous advanced courses in Argentina and abroad on Choral Conducting, Orchestral Conducting and Opera Conducting. He obtained several awards as Choir Director and Orchestra Director.

He was Artistic Director of the Mar del Plata Opera and had an important activity in the direction of Opera Choirs for 27 years at the Roma Theater in Avellaneda. He has given advanced courses in Conducting Youth School Choirs and in choral interpretation of Tango in Argentina and abroad. He has been the director of a significant number of School Children and Youth Choirs for more than thirty years. He was director of the Adrogué Youth Choir, the Mar del Plata Opera Association Choir, the Avellaneda Municipal Music Institute Choir, among others. He participated as a Jury in various choral competitions and as an exhibitor, lecturer and coordinator in various conferences. He served as coordinator and trainer of the Program of Children’s and Youth Orchestras and Choirs for the Bicentennial, of the Ministry of Education of the Nation. He was also a trainer teacher and technical supervisor of Musical Language of the Provincial Program of Orchestras School of the Province of Buenos Aires and Director of the Almirante Brown School Orchestra. He has been the founder of several orchestras in the cities of Quilmes and Almirante Brown and guest conductor in various orchestras in the city and province of Buenos Aires. He was General Coordinator of Arts of the Municipality of Almirante Brown and declared an Illustrious Citizen in said municipality. He has been distinguished as a Guest Member of the Argentine Council of Music for his work with youth choirs.

At the teaching level, he was Rector at the Municipal Institute of Music of Avellaneda and Professor of Choral and Orchestral Practice at IMMA, Professor of Choral Practice and Director of the Choir of the Faculty of Musical Arts and Sciences of the UCA, and at the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda.

He is Director of the Choirs of the Colegio Nacional Almirante Brown de Adrogué, ensembles that has been multi-awarded and professor of Choral Conducting, Axiology & Practice of Choral Conducting, Orchestral Practice and Opera Workshop at the Isaías Orbe Conservatory, in Tandil. He also works as a training technician for the Buenos Aires Province Choirs and Orchestras Program.