Dr. Katalin Kiss


Dr. Katalin Kiss, worldwide experienced choral conductor and music educator graduated and obtained her doctoral degree in performing arts from the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary. She has been lecturing since 1989 at the Kodály Institute of Liszt Academy of Music, where she served as Deputy Director General in 2002-04. She spent several years in the United States of America as a guest lecturer and conductor on the invitation of the Kodály Center of America in Boston.

Since 2015, she is guest professor at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.

In addition, she lectures, teaches and holds workshops regularly at music symposia and seminars in Europe, Australia, in China and in the USA. Dr. Katalin Kiss founded the Ars Nova Vocal Ensemble in 1990 and has given hundreds of concerts around the world, winning sixteen first prizes and special prizes and seven Grand Prix-s at international competitions, including the Champion of World Choir Games title in 2008 (in Graz, Austria) and in 2014 ( in Riga, Latvia).

With Ars Nova she has premiéred, and recorded a great number of contemporary choral pieces, many of them dedicated to her and her ensemble. In addition to Ars Nova, she conducts foreign choirs and gives concerts in Europe, in the USA, Australia, and China as a guest conductor. She often serves on juries for international choir competitions. She is representative of Hungary in the Council of World Choir Games.

In 1993, she founded the Ars Nova Editio Music Publishing House, which specializes in contemporary Hungarian choral music. She is author of several music theory books for high education published in English and Chinese languages.