Emiliano Linares


He was born in Córdoba (Argentina). He studied at the “Domingo Zípoli” High School Institute where he was granted the degrees of Musical-Artistic Bachelor, Professor of Music and Choir Coach. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata with the degree of Higher Professor of Choral Conducting, Bachelor of Choral Conducting and carried out advanced studies of Orchestral Conducting. The National European Institute of Choral Singing (INECC) granted him a scholarship to study in the city of Metz, France. He studied Orchestra Conducting with the Orchestral Conductor Carlos Vieu. He was a member of the “Estudio Coral” of Buenos Aires, conducted by Carlos López Puccio and is a permanent member of the National Youth Choir, which depends on the Ministry of Culture of the Nation. He currently conducts the Choir of the College of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of La Plata,the “Youth Choirs and Instrumental Ensemble of the National School “Rafael Hernández” of the National University of La Plata. He has recently been appointed as Conductor of the Chamber Choir of the National University of La Plata. He has created and conducted the Children´s Choir of Foundation of the Children´s Hospital of La Plata. With the “Tous Ensemble” Choir he has received many Awards for his work as its Conductor such as Award to the “Best Artistic Performance” granted by ADICORA and Diploma and Medal to the “Most Outstanding Conductor” in the opinion of the Jury of the 7th Edition of the Contest of Choral Interpretation of Folk and Popular Southamerican Music organized by AAMCANT (Argentine Assotiation for Choral Music “AMERICA CANTANT).

He has been invited to conduct the choir of the College of Psychology of the National University of Córdoba, the “Enharmonía” Choir of the city of Trelew, the “E´Boca” group of Santiago de Chile, the “Coro Latinoamericano di Roma, Italia”, the Permanent Choir of of the city of Tandil, the “Aldo Macagno” Choir of San Salvador de Jujuy, the National Youth Choir of Argentina, the University Gonzaga Chamber Singers and the Withworth Choir, Spokane USA and the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Berisso. He has also partiticipated in the ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) conference held in Minneapolis USA. He has given many choir conducting workshops in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Italy and U.S.A. and has been a member of the jury in choir contests. He and his choir “Tous Ensemble” have recently been granted the “Konex Award” in the “Classical Music” discipline and as the best choir of the last 2009 – 2018 decade.