Fabrizio Barchi


Fabrizio Barchi studied at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music of Rome, with the guidance of the maestri R. Baratta, D. Bartolucci and A. Renzi and he attended courses held by F. Luisi, A. Zecchi, J. Jurgens, P. Neumann and G. Graden.

His début as a choir conductor hsppened in 1979: since then he has been conducting choirs, both in musical associatons and schools, such as the “Corale San Filippo” (1979-1998), the “Città di Cerveteri” choir (1985-1989) and the children’s choir “Primavera” (1995-2010). Besides Musicanova choir, he is currently the conductor of the female choir “Eos”, the youth choir “Iride” and the “Primo Levi” and “Enriquez” high school choirs, all located in Rome. With his choirs, he has been awarded several prizes in regional, national and international competions (Arezzo, Gorizia, Maribor, Tours, Marktoberdorf, Vittorio Veneto, Roma, Rieti, Benevento, Vallecorsa, Zagarolo).

He worked as a musical education teacher from 1980 to 1993 and since then he is holder of the chair of Choral Conductorship at the Conservatory Lorenzo Perosi of Campobasso. He holds classes on youth chorality on behalf of regional choral associations, of the Feniarco (National Federation of the Regional Choral Associations), of the education agency and of universities.

He often takes part in juries of choral competitions. He has contributed, as a choir conductor. to the realisation of operas and to the recording of movie soundtracks with composers such as Ennio Morricone and Marco Frisina. He was member of the “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia” Board of Directors and of the Ministry of Education’s Music Commitee. He is vice-conductor of the musical chapel of San Giovanni in Laterano and artistic director of the festival “Corali a Roma”.