Klaus Levermann

Choral music? For Klaus Levermann that is family and passion!


Choir work is more than just singing! That is organization, management, marketing. And that was exactly Klaus Levermann’s main occupation – right up to the present day as a music teacher. In the ChorVerband NRW he was responsible for nearly 3,100 choirs and around 95,000 active singers. As an educational officer, the daily focus was on actively building up choirs, improving the image of choir work, bringing choral singing with all its facets positively into the media, but above all supporting and promoting choirs on their musical path. To this day, he has worked as a coach, moderator and juror at home and abroad.

Working with the media was and is another important task in his life, e. B. as a longtime author of the “Chorstunde” in the radio program of the WDR, as a consultant and juror for the ZDF and WDR television or the production company Endemol / NL.

Despite all the “job-related” organization and advice for Klaus Levermann, who was appointed music director in 1989, volunteer work and active singing never fell by the wayside: 2007 – co-founder of the German Acappella, 2013 to 2017 – Vice President of the German Choir Association (https: //www.deutscher-chorverband.de/), 2018 – Founding and chairmanship of the AktiVokal-Verein (www.aktivokal.de), 2019 – Election of the first managing director of the oldest choir Dirigentenverband in Germany (www.fdc-online.de) , 2021 founding member of the International Choral Conductors Federation ICCF (www.choralconductors.eu) and active choir director of three choirs in his home country.