Wolfgang Ziegler

” Composing choral music , international choral workshops with choirs from all over the world, organizing and judicating international choral competitions and festivals keep me curious and active every day. I totally agree with the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche : life without music is an error. “


The Austrian born choral director and composer, Wolfgang Ziegler, is looking back on a long time of musical experiences. From  a violinist, an amateur and professional choral singer to an internationally recognized choral conductor, composer, judicator and organizer of international choral workshops and choral competitions he never stopped developing new musical ideas. 2010 he founded the International Choral Competition Ave Verum in Baden /Austria (aveverum.at), a very successful high-level choral event for 10 participating choirs worldwide only. As president of the Austrian Choral Association as well as in several choral workshops throughout the globe, Wolfgang Ziegler got  the idea to launch a world premiere in the choral scene:  a special choral event for singers 50 +.  ForEverYoung Choral Festival (fey-festival.com) is going to have its premiere in Budapest, Wolfgang Ziegler´s second hometown, in 2022. After his studies of Electronic Music at the University of Illinois, USA and Voice Pedagogic at the Music University in Vienna, Austria he became artistic director of Vox Humana Chamber Choir. Today he is hosting the European Music Festival for the Youth (Neerpelt/Belgium) as judicator and ambassador, the Salzburg International Choral Celebration & Compettion, the ForEverYoung Choral Festival (Budapest/Baden) and the International Choral Competition Ave Verum (Baden/Austria) as artistic director.