Choir directors have different musical training, work in different environments, with different repertoire and different audiences. What they all have in common is the constant search for new repertoire, new inspiration, new networks and new knowledge. The mission and goal of the FDC is to develop and promote these commonalities. Currently, more than 400 choir directors belong to the FDC.

This makes the FDC the oldest and largest independent choral conductors’ organisation in Germany.
That the activities of the association also attract attention outside Germany is shown by the fact that it is represented by international ambassadors in Italy, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The FDC is looking forward to its participation in the ICCF. This international and in this form unique association of colleagues for colleagues is an initiative that exemplifies the values of our choral landscape! Collegiality, solidarity, mutual respect and support! The FDC is a part of it!